Register your organisation and application details with us and we’ll create an API Key for you. This key uniquely identifies your app and links it to the permissions and rate limits that will apply. It must be present in every request.

1. Invoke Get Classes Collection, to list all classes. Look through the response for the ClassKey for sports you are interested in, Eg: “title”: “Horse Racing”


2. Invoke GET Class Instance with expand to event for class key fetched from above call. This gives you all events currently defined for that event. Please note this is quite a costly call so would suggest you invoke it once/twice a day.


3.Invoke GET Event Instance with expand to selection, for each of the events listed above to get the price details.
You need to integrate with API Push to get live feed updates, we have PUSH clients available in Java and Javascript.

Please refer to API-Push in the Develop section.

We use Postman and please refer to Postman REST Client in the Develop section for more information on how to import it.

There are around 70+ API policies and the postman pack contains few public API’s.

  1.  Find the market with a – “marketMeaningMinorCode” : “MR”
  2.  Selection name with “outcomeMeaningMinorCode” : “H” is your home team
  3.  Selection name with “outcomeMeaningMinorCode” : “A” is your away team.

In our sandbox environment for development purposes  you will be assigned 2 transactions per second (TPS) and the API-CLIENT-QUOTA-EXCEEDED error will be thrown if we receive more than 2 TPS.

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All partners are required to join our affiliate programme before we can assign your API key. Your affiliate account will allow us to track any traffic you generate to you. If you already have an affiliate account with us then you can continue using this.

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