Sportsbook API

  • REST based access to resources.
  • Browse Sportsbook Sporting Hierarchy.
  • Pre-play to In-play Event transition.

The Sportsbook API provides REST based access to resources that enable clients to browse and consume Ladbrokes’ sporting content and betting opportunities. The hierarchy of event content is summarised as a nested tree of levels, made up of a relatively static part of the tree for classification, and then a more dynamic part for the actual betting opportunities that represent the various events going on around the world. The diagram below depicts this structure and illustrates with football as an example.


The static part of the model (blue above) changes infrequently and can be cached for long periods of time on the client side. This is used to build a conventional left hand navigation for a drilldown browser.

The dynamic part of the model (red above) changes much more frequently, particularily if the event has betting-in-play markets. More on this later. This is a read-only API – only the GET method is supported to enable browsing.

The REST URI design reflects this inherent structure to enable clients to drilldown the tree to discover the content and betting opportunities the end user is looking for. This structure is also evident by the Ladbrokes specific ‘rels’ (a link attribute) that defines the type of the link relation to support the core principle of HATEOAS.

A list of generic ‘rels’ can be found in the developer manual under section 4.5, and resource specific rels are listed in the API Reference sections

Browse Sportsbook Sporting Hierarchy

The sportsbook API has been designed to enable UI navigation styles such as drill down and breadcrumb structures.

Beginning with the Sportsbook API Root resource, it is possible through the consumption of links in a resource representation, as prescribed as a technique of the ‘HATEOAS’ principle, to traverse the entire sportsbook hierarchy programmatically.

Pre-play to In-play Event transition

If, while a customer is building their betslip, an event transitions from being a pre-play event to being an in-play event (i.e. the event has started), then bets can no longer be placed against that event.

Should you receive an error to this effect (upon submission of the slip), you can find out the new BIR event ID by requesting the original pre-play event. If a BIR version of the event is available, then there will be a link with a REL of ‘bir-event’ in the response.

We’ll leave it to you to decide what to do with the new BIR event link. You could try to match markets and transition seamlessly on your App’s UI and betslip, or you could inform the customer that the pre-play event has closed but an in-play version is now available.

Class Sort

A class sort represents the type of class the current entity belongs to. You may find these values in a ‘classSort’ field:

Code Description
AF American Football
AR Australian Rules Football
BB Basketball
BS Baseball
FB Football
GR Greyhound Racing
HA Harness Racing
HK Ice Hockey
HR Horse Racing
PL Pools
RL Rugby League
RU Rugby Union
ST Standard
TN Tennis

Market Meaning

Markets are assigned a pair of codes designed to, in combination, offer a meaningful description of the type of betting allowed on the market. This consists of a “major” and a “minor” code

Market Meaning Major Code
Code Description
Standard fixed-odds market
A Asian Handicap
C Correct score/first scorer
H Straight handicap
L Higher/lower
l Higher/lower with split line
M Handicap with betting on the line allowed
N Continuous win
P Points market
R Range market
W Winning margin
Market Meaning Minor Code
Code Expected Major Code Description
To Win
1W H 1st Half Western Handicap
2W H 2nd Half Western Handicap
1H L 1st Half Higher/Lower
2H L 2nd Half Higher/Lower
A2 A Asian Handicap half-time betting
AG Anytime Scorer
AH A Asian Handicap
AH1 A Asian Handicap 1st Half
B3 Bookings 3-Band
BO Both/One/Neither Team to Score
BX Bookings 10-Band
C1 First Corner
C3 Corners 3-Band
CI Competitor Incident Matrix
CP N Runs in next cricket partnership
CS Correct Score
CS Correct Score in the first half
CW N Continuous Win (Next scorer)
CX Corners 10-Band
DN Draw No Bet
DC Double Chance
FS First scorer
G3 Goals 3-Band
GC Goal crazy
GG Goal/No-Goal
GT Time of first home/away/match goal
GX Goals 10-Band
HC Handicap
HT Half-time
H1 1st half result
H2 2nd half result
HF Half-time/full-time
HF5 Half-time/full-time with any other result
HF6 Half-time/full-time without full time draws
HG Half with More Goals
HA L Away Team Higher/Lower (slot)
HH L Home Team Higher/Lower (slot)
HH Head to Head (on a draw both home+away win with 50% DH redn)
1HH First Half Head to Head
2HH Second Half Head to Head
HL L Higher/Lower
hl l Higher/Lower with split line
LG Last team to score
LS Last scorer
MA 3 way betting (match)
MH M Match Handicap (same as WH but you can bet on the line)
ML Moneyline
MR Match result (W/D/W)
NG N Next team to score
NM N Next Scorer (Match)
NO N Runs in next over
NP N Next Penality
OE Odd/Even
OU U Over/Under (SLOT betting)
P2 – P6 Place Only – 2 to 6 places
PM P Points Market
QR Quattro
Q1 – Q4 First to Fourth Quarter Result
R2 Race To X (eg Race to 3 Runs baseball)
SC C Scorecast
LC C Last scorecast
AC C Anytime scorecast
FW C First wincast
LW C Last wincast
AW C Anytime wincast
SF Side to score first
SS Correct Score Special
SW C Showcast
TA N Time of next away goal
TG Total goals
TH N Time of next home goal
TM N Time of next match goal
TS R Total Score (HL with multiple ranges)
TT Total Team Goals
WI Win-only
WH H Western (US-style) Handicap
WM Winning Margin
WMO W Winning Margin without Draw
WO Without the favourite
W1 – W9 Win markets for periods 1 – 9 in a match. A period may be half-time, quarter, set, etc.
WS To Win (by competitors’ scores)
Price Type Identifiers
Code Description
LP Live fixed odds price
SP Starting price
Outcome Meaning Codes
Major code Major Code Description Minor Code Minor Code Description
SS Standard Standard Win Market
1 First Unnamed Favourite
N Non-runner
R Reserve
W Withdrawn Runner
V Vacant Trap
X Bet Without
CS Correct Score S Correct Score
O Other Result
MR Match Result H Home
D Draw
A Away
HF Half Time/Full Time 1 Home/Home
2 Home/Draw
3 Home/Away
4 Draw/Home
5 Draw/Draw
6 Draw/Away
7 Away/Home
8 Away/Draw
9 Away/Away
HF5 Half Time/Full Time 1 Home/Home
2 Home/Away
3 Any Other Result
4 Away/Home
5 Away/Away
HF6 Half Time/Full Time 1 Home/Home
2 Home/Away
3 Draw/Home
4 Draw/Away
5 Away/Home
6 Away/Away
FS First Scorer H Scorer on home team
A Scorer on away teamy
N No score
LS Last Scorer H Scorer on home team
A Scorer on away teamy
N No score
AH Asian Handicap H Home
A Away
WH Western Handicap H Home
A Away
MH Three Line Handicap H Home
A Away
L On the line
HL Higher/Lower H Home
L Lower
OU Over / Under O Over
U Under
H Over (Home)
A Over (Away)
h Under (Home)
a Under (Away)
TG Total Goals 1 0-1
2 2-3
3 4-6
4 7+
TS Total Score S Score
OE Odd/Even 1 Odd
2 Even
SF First To Score H Home
A Away
D Neither
H1 First Half Result H Home
A Away
D Draw
H2 Second Half Result H Home
A Away
D Draw