Postman REST Client

  • Explore Ladbrokes API’s through postman pack.
  • Easy to test and play.
  • Import the API collections.

This is a Google Chrome application that can run right in your browser or as a standalone-packaged application. Using this tool, you can easily make any kind of request to any endpoint you want. The tool provides many useful and powerful features that are very easy to use.

If you are just starting to understand what an API is or how it can be used, you can benefit from Postman to get familiar with Ladbrokes API.

We took the vast majority of Ladbrokes API calls and saved them as Postman ‘Collections’ to be shared with you!

To import the API collections, launch Postman and click ‘Import’

Upload the json files, You can download from the following URL: Postman Collection

You should receive a successful message: “It worked!”

Once you import these and you’re ready to make some calls, you’ll need to add your own token into the Authorization Header.

The Authorization Header follows the format, Bearer [insert your token].

To receive a token you’ll need to create an app and get a client ID and client secret.