Login Journey

  • Perform all the login operations
  • The parameters accessToken, redirect_uri and apiKey play important role in constructing the login url

Login Journey

The API Notebook is a web-based, persistent, JavaScript scripting work-space that enables the live exploration of APIs, testing APIs, and working through use cases. API Notebook enables developers to create interactive API examples and executable JavaScript snippets. Notebooks are typical user journeys taken by customers. The variation from an API Console is that you are stringing multiple API’s and so you can go through a complete journey.

You need to provide an api-key to test the user journeys.

The Login Journey showcases how login functionality works in Ladbrokes. Upon successful login you will receive an access-token.

Deposit Journey showcases how deposits functionality works in Ladbrokes. Upon successful deposit the amount will be added to the wallet, which can be used to place the bets.