Betting API

  • Functionality for placing bets and viewing bet history
  • Pre-play and in-running betting
  • Build and check bet slips

The betting API provides functionality for placing bets and viewing bet history/status. All of the resources in this section require an Access Token to be supplied in the request.

The Betting API supports the following Bet Types:

SingleGoliathLucky 31
DoubleHeinzSuper Heinz
TrebleYankeeLucky 63
TrixieLucky 15Accumulator (4-25)

Check out our Betslip Toolkit which you can embed in your application!

Placing a bet can be as simple as adding a selection to your local betslip and calling POST Betslips (Developer Manual Section 7.8). However, for multiples, this can be a bit more involved. A typical process for building and submitting a betslip is:

  • Use the Sportsbook API to identify selections you want to bet on
  • Add the selections to your betslip. This will not currently require an API call, and you can build up your betslip locally
  • Call the POST Build Betslip resource (Developer Manual Section 7.7) to get a list of the valid types of bet you can place using your current selections. This will also return any available freebet offers
  • Call the POST Betslips resource (Developer Manual Section  7.8) to submit your betslip
  • Check the status of your bets using the Ids in the response on resource Developer Manual Section 7.9