Getting Started

  • Join our affiliate programme
  • Set up a test user account
  • Get an API key
  • Start developing!

Welcome to Ladbrokes API, a single stack of APIs used to integrate Ladbrokes functionality and data in to your sports betting site or app.

Using our APIs you can develop customised, attractive interfaces that will appeal to your target market.

Your app might be running in a web browser, or on a server, smartphone, tablet, laptop, smart TV, games console, or numerous other platforms and devices that we haven’t even conceived of yet.

The Ladbrokes APIs are HTTP based, so they can be used from any application or device with an HTTP library. We follow a (mostly) RESTful model on our API, and we offer a choice of JSON or XML as data formats.

In order to start using the Ladbrokes API you should do or know the following…..

1 Join our affiliate programme

All partners are required to join our affiliate programme before we can assign your API key. Your affiliate account will allow us to track any traffic you generate to you.

If you already have an affiliate account with us then you can continue using this.

2 Obtain development API key

Register your organisation and application details with us and we’ll create an API Key for you. This key uniquely identifies your app and links it to the permissions and rate limits that will apply. It must be present in every request.

Your API Key will allow a limited throughput to support development and functional testing.

3 Test Bet Placement

If you plan on using betting functionality, you will need to register a user account with or if you have one already you can use that one.

Bet placements would normally be the last step of your app integration. To test bet placements please do not use more than 10 pence. Most selections that you bet on will have a minimum accepted value of 10 pence.

If you need help with setting up the account then please get in touch.

4 Authorisation model (OAuth)

Ladbrokes’ API uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol so our customers can tell us whether or not to allow your app to do things like access their wallet balance and place bets using their Ladbrokes account. The result of a successful OAuth handshake is an ‘Access-Token’ which acts as a sort of restricted session token.

Whether your application is server based, browser based, or device based (i.e. native applications), you should be able to use our API.

5 Development terms you need to know

Have look at our Get Started Guide that will take you through all the other important bits and pieces you’ll need to know. This includes information on:

  • API keys
  • Security restrictions
  • Rate limits
  • Data formats
  • And much more

Join us for more information.